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rainbowflame's Journal

graphics of fuegofeather.
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Icon journal of fuegofeather. Mostly animanga, television, cartoon, and whatever the hell else.

☇I don't do much in the way of coloring, brushes, or fancy textures. These icons are essentially bases, and you're free to edit them as you please. Just leave a comment on an entry if you plan on using them, so I know what's working, thanks!
☇A lot of the fanart here come from sites like photobucket or 4chan, so if you see me using something of yours and want me to credit or remove it, let me know and I certainly will.
☇Requests are eternally open; if you want me to icon something, be it a single picture or a specific series, just PM me about it.

Profile: milou_veronica
Layout: estiloamor